2020-03-04 Scary Words I Hear in GovTech: Maintenance
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2020-01-27 Where are the Government API Directories?
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2020-01-21 The Sound of 2020
2019-06-25 The White House API Standards and the Ancestry of Government API Guidelines
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2019-06-18 Public Data as Public History – and Future
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2019-04-30 (Anti-)Trust is Digital Public Infrastructure
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2019-04-10 5 Questions You Should Ask (and Answer) Before You Start Your Civic Tech Project
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2019-02-28 Measuring the Impact of Open Source Civic Tech, Part 1: The Hypothesis
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2019-02-07 Public vs. Community Ownership in the Age of Open Source Civic Tech
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2019-01-25 What do human rights, open standards, and venture capital have to do with public infrastructure?
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2019-01-13 Local Government Needs are More Than Technological
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2019-01-09 The First Lesson of Civic Hacking
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2019-01-07 Launching Civic Unrest